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oh and this girl is my life. [31 Dec 2037|09:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

when you see us walking down the street, dont expect us to say hiCollapse )

17 hate xrossyx

[31 Dec 2037|09:58pm]
[ mood | i love ross ]

you're a fucking faggot i hate you.
i'm going to slap your side so hard today.

[31 Dec 2037|09:57pm]

so yes, i got my tattoos filled today, it hurt alot. but hey they look tuff as fuck, and im straightedge as fuck and well thats it, i went a threw water balloons at people til like 5 in the morning with justindenver, and mark,daryl and tim. it was hilarious intill this guy ran after us and almost demolished me.

after laying in bed with jake for many hours after my tattoos i decided to go to liz's cause well liz fucking owns and i have this huge fucking crush on her. well not really but she wants me more than i want her. end of story.

so we go see mean girls again and gosh that movie fucking rocks. and oh liz you are a gay. went back to her house and she tucked me in on the couch cause thats what she does, and thats what she supposed to do cause women are just supposed to do that .

DEAL WITH IT , oh and im totallly going to not have the internet for a while. cause the internet is gay.


4 hate xrossyx

i drive alone, i sit alone, i sleep alone. i hate being alone. [31 Dec 2037|09:56pm]
[ mood | worried ]

i think im going to throw in the towel . im done with this, it just keeps making me more and more miserable each day. i should proably move on to something else.

so i took pictures, cause im bored and depressed.

and well cameras make me happy. i guess.

imlonelyCollapse )

14 hate xrossyx

this is my life, and you are not in it. [31 Dec 2037|09:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

my life, is going to change.

pretty excited about my life right now. making lots of money , having a blast living with all my friends from highschool.

hung out with shelley last night and i took her out to this new asian place. it was fun and oh soo good but it gave shelley a stomach ache, we watched the dave chappelle show. it was rad. i had fun,

i cant wait to go see kim in florida, i want to see the ocean again. this kim girl is amazingly awesome. purchased the plane tickets already, and this is going to rock.

to sum it up, im excited to go see kim.

4 hate xrossyx

somuchtoaccomplish,solittletime. [31 Dec 2037|09:54pm]
[ mood | determined ]

my plan.get a second job. work as much as i can, save up money, buy a/v gear and start my own company, next week, drop 600 on speakers for a/v company.

im going to do this. fuck you if you think i cant. i really want this. this is what i know how to do, this is what i enjoy and i will succeed.

i want this more than anything. i had a long talk with my brother and im going to go for it. this company will have my heart. i dont want to have a boss anymore, i want to be my own boss.

this WILL work. im not fucking around here.

16 hate xrossyx

take this gun. put it to my temple.pull the fucking trigger [31 Dec 2037|09:53pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

moving back was nothing like i thought it was going to be. i thought i was going to have fun , but i am not.

i thought i had life figured out when i thought about moving back.

i thought the following things were going to happen.

-start this band, go full force with it, but i dont think anyone is really into it like i am.

-hang out with my friends but it never happens they are to busy with other things. like girls and alchohol and drugs.

im just tired of life.

10 hate xrossyx

well i can say that i miss jill. [31 Dec 2037|09:52pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i thought about her all day today. but its okay i know we will get married so im not worried. i just hope she still loves me after all this time away from eachother.

wisconsin is fun and boring. i cant wait to move to downtown milwaukee. cause fuck this is so gay living in burlington. I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THE PEOPLE COME HOME FROM COLLEGE. i hate this place. milwaukee = fun

i love jill.

and next weekend i think im going to go see liz.

this is all

14 hate xrossyx

this is my life,this is my death [31 Dec 2037|09:51pm]
[ mood | awake ]

so yea , hung out with mona and samantha and laura and stephanie friday night, we had a huge sleep over, laura snores really bad, i worked saturday and then attempted to drive to jills but my car broke down, yea its a gay situation, but anyways, im so excited to go back to wisconsin next week, i cant wait, jill is coming out to wisconsin the next week, its going to rock, im going to get to see liz and jake, and mia and tyler and everyone that i miss, colorado is boring to me, but its okay, i only have to be here a little bit longer,

moving back to milwaukee may1st

bitches come and get it.

got my phone turned back on
26 hate xrossyx

well this is life. [31 Dec 2037|09:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

life sucks,
money sucks,
want to live in wisconsin asap.
want to be in a band in wisconsin,


wednesday, fucking o.c, everyone watch it.

17 hate xrossyx

i will avoid this awkwardness. [31 Dec 2037|09:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

im going to go about life not worrying. i only live once. im doing what i want. no rules for me. no extra baggage. i dont have to deal with anyone.

so leshay is most likely going to move in my room with me to make rent really cheap and of course make life a fucking blast. if my roommates dont like it, im goin to move down to denver again. i cant afford that rent up there. to much money.

im getting realy lonely up here in boulder and i want to start hanging out with people . so shanny , thrash mike, and all the rest of you losers. give me a call. we need to hang out im bored.

APRIL 2ND THROUGH THE 11TH i will be in milwaukee, hanging out with all my long lost friends, and most of all LIZ. its her birthday. so i have to see her. you can reach me , i will proably be cuddling with jake in his bed most of the time. wha? yep.

and lately ,

i have been super obsessed with volkswagens and straightedge. is that bad? no. of course not.

oh and from a second story window is playing thise weekend and they are amazing. but eh. shows are lame. remembering never sucks on my asshole. thats all.


18 hate xrossyx

two bits. [31 Dec 2037|09:13pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


i cant get my mind off milwaukee. i dont like wisconsin as a state . but the kids are so fun there. i just want to go home. but i want to take jill with me. she means absolutely everything to me. i am so madly in love with her. but i will stay here intill she can make a decision of what she wants to do or go to school or move to. cause i know she doesnt like it here either. so i guess i will just wait. but i will visit more often.

so current update on life.

clutch went out on car.. 450 dollars.
bank account=1.34
new radiator=129.00
new motor mounts=58.00
overall=expensive fucking week.
current love=jill j. lopez.

so if you owe me money people. pay me. fags.
currently building jill a crazy go nuts vday day gift.

oh and jake our bet is on. you better fucking call me with that girl screaming on the phone.


p.s, fuck you if you are not edge.

15 hate xrossyx

[31 Dec 2037|09:12pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

so the countdown begins.

i have decided to stay for 4 more months in colorado. My brother and i are going to give the company we started 4 months more, and if things dont work out im moving back to wisconsin to go to school and live with jake.

the past 2 days have been hilarious. playing duck hunt/teenage mutant ninja turtles till 4 in the morning with meggan was definatly a fun situation. then watching home alone 1 and getting hard/wet over the luxurious "buzz". then yesterday i did a crossword puzzel in sarahs year book, it was the hardest fucking thing. then i called meggan pretending to be buzz, she didnt believe it.

but now im going to go downtown and go the bank. then go up to boulder and move my stuff in.
yep that seems to be the plan.
so if you are in boulder. and you want to hang/cuddle call me 303 564 6236

26 hate xrossyx

this place , is a fucking hell hole. [31 Dec 2037|09:11pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

gosh i see why everyone moves out of this godforsaken state.

i am done with the people in state.

people are fucking pathetic here.

people honestly have nothing to do but just stick there noses in other peoples business.ATTENTION EVERYONE, I HAVE MY LIFE. YOU HAVE YOURS. GO LIVE IT.

fuck you , fuck you , fuck you, your cool, and fuck you.

if it wasnt for this company that my brother and i have started, i would be gone so fucking fast from this shit hole. milwaukee is where i belong, once my brother gets going on this company and can go with out me. im moving back, leaving every piece of shit behind. its impossible here. impossible to deal with fuck sticks that have no life.

22 hate xrossyx

[31 Dec 2037|09:10pm]
yes, tour. finally.

tour with foreverisforgotten.
jan 9th til jan 30th1/9 Detroit MI @ TBA
1/10 Goshen IN @ The Post
1/11 Buffalo NY @ Broadway Joes
1/12 Queens/New York NY @ Zone 13
1/13 Worcester MA @ Club Marque
1/14 Long Island NY @ Club Pure
1/15 Edgewater Park NJ @ the Barn
1/16 Manassas VA @ The Basement
1/17 Charlotte NC @ Avondale Presbyterian Church
1/18 Greensboro NC @ 551 S Mendenhall St
1/19 Myrtle Beach SC @ the Limelight
1/20 Atlanta GA @ Ziggys Bar
1/21 Nashville TN@ The Muse
1/22 Murfeesboro TN @ The Boro
1/23 Miami FL @ the Alley
1/24 Winter Park FL @ 650 clay st
1/25 Tallahasse FL @ the Beta Bar
1/26 Birmingham AL @ Cave 9
1/27 Louisville KY @ TBA
1/28 Indianapolis IN @ the Melody Inn
1/29 Toledo OH @ Masonic Temple
1/30 Milwaukee WI @ 926 E Center

its looking like tis a super good chance of going. fuck yea!
22 hate xrossyx

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